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Winter School

 What is Winter School?

Participating in ZJU Winter School offers several benefits that can help streamline your education and manage costs effectively. By enrolling in the Winter School program, you are able to:

  • Graduate from university and commence your career earlier, saving you time and potentially reducing educational expenses.
  • Distribute your academic workload more evenly throughout the year, which can alleviate stress and improve your overall performance.
  • Free up significant time during regular semesters for employment, allowing you to earn while you learn and lessen financial burdens.
  • Take fascinating electives that can enhance your educational journey.

Be sure to explore the ‘subject options’ section for each course to find out the specific timings and offerings available during the Winter School.

Due to the condensed format of the Winter School sessions, we generally advise students to enrol in just one subject to maximize learning without overwhelming themselves. ZJU also provide Summer School

Exploring the Benefits of ZJU's Winter School Program

Winter School

Are you considering enhancing your educational journey with a unique, enriching experience? Zhejiang University (ZJU

), with its prestigious history and exceptional faculty, invites you to join our Winter School program. This is more than just an academic opportunity; it’s a chance to dive deep into subjects with all-English instruction in a relaxed, small-class environment.

1. Gain an International Experience at ZJU

Our Winter School program at ZJU is designed to offer you a rich blend of learning and cultural exchange. Although short, the program is intensely structured to maximize both academic learning and personal growth. You’ll have the opportunity to forge new friendships and expand your professional network with fellow students from around the globe. Outside the classroom, explore the historical city of Hangzhou, immerse yourself in local customs, and experience life in one of China’s most scenic locales.

2. Focus and Excel in Your Studies

Winter School at ZJU is an excellent opportunity to either catch up or get ahead in your studies. With courses focused on specific subjects, you can give your full attention to mastering material without the distraction of a full semester’s course load. This concentrated study not only sharpens your understanding of key concepts and theories but also prepares you for success in upcoming exams and assignments.

3. Lighten Your Regular Academic Load

Enrolling in our Winter School allows you to tackle challenging subjects ahead of the regular academic calendar. By familiarizing yourself with difficult material during the winter, you’ll be better prepared when these subjects arise during the semester, easing your overall course burden and reducing stress.

4. Strengthen Your Academic and Professional Profile

Participation in ZJU’s Winter School is not just about academic credit; it’s about enhancing your educational portfolio and standing out in future applications, whether for graduate studies or professional endeavours. The intense focus on your specialization subjects here can significantly boost your academic credentials and set you apart in competitive admissions or job markets.

ZJU’s Winter School is more than just an educational program—it’s a strategic opportunity to advance your academic and career prospects while enjoying an enriching cultural experience. If you’re looking to make significant strides in your education and personal development, ZJU’s Winter School is the perfect place to start. For more course information, please go to credit-transfer-course

What are the characteristics of Zhejiang University’s winter school

  1. Get international experience at Zhejiang University.
    Our winter school programme at Zhejiang University is designed to provide a comprehensive learning and growth platform for your students. Through exchanges and cooperation with international students, students are not only able to expand their horizons and skills but also develop cross-cultural communication skills and global awareness, laying a solid foundation for future academic and professional development.
  2. Focus on school and reduce students’ regular academic burden.
    At the Winter School at Zhejiang University, due to the curriculum’s focus on specific topics, students are allowed to focus fully on mastering the material without the distractions of the course load throughout the semester. Taking disadvantaged courses in advance allows students to strengthen their understanding of key concepts and theories and improve their’ academic performance.
  3. Enhance your academic and professional credentials.
    Attending the Winter School at Zhejiang University provides students with rich opportunities and resources to enrich their educational background and stand out in future applications, and students can continue to expand their knowledge, skills, and experience to lay a solid foundation for their future studies and careers.

How to Select Your Courses for ZJU's Winter School

1.Start by Exploring the Official Website: Navigate to your school official website and search for the “Handbook”. Select the handbook page relevant to your major to review the credit structure of different units and the courses available for each unit during the Winter School session.

2.Review Remaining Courses in Your Curriculum: Align these with the courses offered in the upcoming ZJU Winter School timetable. Due to the potential complexity of course approval, it is advisable to consult with a ZJU advisor via WeChat or E-mail to verify and compare your course choices.

3.Engage with ZJU’s Course Advisors on WeChat: Contact the designated WeChat course advisors at ZJU to submit your course selections and for a preliminary course evaluation. Confirm and double-check if there are additional courses available that may suit your academic plan.

4. Follow University-Specific Application Procedures: Since each university in Australia has its unique application process, follow the guidance provided by ZJU’s course advisors after selecting your courses. Submit your selections as directed and await university approval.

The 2024 Winter school semester runs from Thursday 23rd December 2024 to Friday 10th January 2025. Check the ‘‘course options‘ section of each subject to see exactly when your subject will be running in the winter school. 




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