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The Benefit of Winter School


A Journey Through ZJU's Enriching Winter School Experience

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What is winter school?


As the global economy and culture become more integrated, an increasing number of students are choosing to study abroad. Not only may students extend their views and improve their experience, but they can also put their skills to use in a variety of ways while studying abroad. ZJU Winter school are short-term educational activities held during the winter holidays. The programme offers a wide range of academic courses, including various forms of learning and training in academic, technical, cultural, and other fields, to help students prepare for the international environment, cultivate practical skills, and improve their overall abilities.


As international education evolves, it’s no longer uncommon for students to attend school tutoring sessions or special courses during winter vacations. We call these winter school.

ZJU’s winter school offers various courses, including academic subjects, arts, and sports training. Some students may use the winter break school to reinforce their knowledge from school or to catch up on weaker subjects. Zhejiang University’s winter school also serves as an opportunity for advanced or deeper learning, allowing students to spend their vacation time more enriching.

ZJU’s winter school has several advantages: 

  1. Bridging knowledge gaps: For students with weaker academic performance or insufficient mastery in certain subjects, the winter school provides an opportunity for remedial and enhanced learning.
  2. Learning in advance: It enables students to learn new subject matter or skills in advance, thus improving learning efficiency and grades. Learning a course in advance can provide us with a great opportunity to broaden our knowledge. Before the school course, understanding the relevant knowledge of the course in advance can give us a deeper understanding of the course content.
  3. Exploring interests: The winter school not only offers academic courses but also various interest classes such as arts, music, and sports. This allows students to explore and cultivate their hobbies and interests during the vacation, enriching their extracurricular lives.
  4. Strengthening skills, academic and career profiles: ZJU’s winter school offers professional skills training such as programming, language learning, and writing, helping students acquire new skills, enriching their educational experiences, enhancing their academic qualifications, and making them more competitive in future employment.
  5. Gaining international experiences: At ZJU’s winter school, students have opportunity to interact with classmates from around the world, share learning experiences and insights, make new friends, expand their social networks, and gain international experiences, thereby expanding their professional networks.
  6. More effectively managing educational costs:
    • Graduate early and start your career, saving time and possibly reducing educational expenses.
    • Distribute your academic workload more evenly throughout the year, which can reduce stress and improve overall performance.
    • Free up significant time during regular semesters for work, earning money while studying, thereby alleviating financial burdens.
    • Participate in attractive elective courses. It gives students the opportunity to pursue personal interests and helps students acquire a wider range of knowledge and skills. y choosing electives reasonably, students can be better prepared for their future careers.

How to select your courses for ZJU’s Winter School?


 Winter school offers students a comprehensive platform for personal and academic development, enabling them to acquire knowledge, enhance skills, enrich experiences during their winter vacation. The 2024 semester runs from Thursday 23rd December 2024 to Friday 10th January 2025.

Zhejiang University (ZJU) offers a variety of global programs aimed at attracting international students and promoting international collaboration and exchange. These programs span undergraduate, graduate, and non-degree offerings and are typically designed to provide students with opportunities for academic enrichment, cultural immersion, and personal growth. Looking forward to your participation!